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Smart Central Vacuums can be fitted quickly and simply using natural spaces in your home, with no fuss or disruption. As the Central Vacuum hose covers a large area, only a few points are required.

The power unit is mounted on a wall in:
  • a utility room
  • a garage
  • a loft
  • a cupboard
  • under the stairs

The power unit is linked to wall inlets via hidden ductwork in walls or natural voids such as:

  • within soil-pipe boxing
  • under kitchen plinths
  • back of fitted wardrobes
  • back of airing cupboards
  • behind bath
  • within insulation layer of floor screed
Beam Ducting Installation

1   power unit

2   hidden pipework

3   wall inlet

4   VacPan automatic dustpan

5   hose, wand and floor tool

The vacuum ductwork is normally installed at first fix stage at the same time as the electrical and plumbing systems. The PVC vacuum pipe has an outside diameter of 52mm and comes in 2m lengths.

The whole system can be DIY installed or you can either get your plumber, builder or a Total Home Environment engineer to complete the installation for you.
Installation Floorplans

Central vacuum pipe
fitted under the floor
of the first floor,
running with the joists.

Central vacuum pipe shown fitted within a timber partitioned wall at first fix.

Central vacuum pipe
shown chased into a
solid blockwork wall at first fix with a screed
to be laid over the
pipe on the floor.

Central vacuum pipe installed within timber frame work of property.

Plug a vacuum hose into one of only a few wall inlets required, usually in a hallway or landing.

A 9m hose is the most popular length, followed by 10m and 12m. Occasionally you will require an inlet actually in a room, if you have a "room-off-a-room" situation (like an ensuite/conservatory). It is best to keep wall inlets in common areas, to minimize disruption to anyone who might be in the room.
Hose and Inlet Picture

Luxuries you can't do without.

Don‘t forget that dirt and spills can be swept-up in the kitchen and that with one touch of the toe switch on the VacPan, dirt can be whisked away in an instant with the automatic dustpan!

For information on how to design and install a Smart Central Vacuum system, please visit our downloads section.