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All the Smart central vacuum appliances are CE Approved, come with a five year warranty* and thermal cut-out switches to protect the motor. All come with multi-directional pipe installation enabling flexible power unit location:

Electrolux Bullet Logo  an anti-vibration mounting system ensuring it fits snugly against the wall
Electrolux Bullet Logo  an Electrolux designed control system that dictates the exact voltage into the motor despite regional
     variations, protecting it more
Electrolux Bullet Logo  a soft start device
Electrolux Bullet Logo  an exclusive GORE-TEX filter that filters out particles down to 0.3 microns
Electrolux Bullet Logo  a motor filter which stops carbon being exhausted through the vents
Electrolux Bullet Logo  external exhaust
Electrolux Bullet Logo  optional true HEPA filter 

APPLIANCE MODEL:     Electrolux 930       Electrolux 920        Electrolux 910

SUITABILITY: excellent cleaning performance for large multi-story homes with top of the range features

high durability and performance for medium sized homes with standard product features entry range performance with basic product features
COVERAGE: 7,500 sqft /700 sqm 6,500 sqft / 600 sqm 4,500 sqft / 418 sqm
MAX INLETS: 18 15 12
FURTHEST DIST: 70 m 60 m 40 m
AIRWATTS: 700 675 625
AIRFLOW: 54 L/S 52 L/S 50 L/S
NOISE LEVEL: 74 dB 74 dB 74 dB
DISPLAY: LCD information Full LED On/Off LED
DIRT RECEPTACLE: 31 L with window 31 L with window 31 L with window
DIMENSIONS (HxWxD): 1,068 x 465 x 380 mm 1,068 x 465 x 380 mm 1,068 x 465 x 380 mm
WEIGHT: 10.1 kg 10.1 kg 10.1 kg